SUP classes

SUP’s UP offers weekly SUP classes on fixed times  in Rotterdam.

You will learn the right technique and it is fun and exciting to do Stand Up Padlling with a group of likeminded people.  Doesn’t matter if you just want te try it out or want to enjoy a relaxing tour around the lake or if you really looking for an intense sports excercise, it is all possible.

You can sign up for a single class. We also have packages of 3 or 5 classes. You can plan your lesson online whenever you like, just check our scedule. It will last untill the end of season.

Kids from 12 years and older are welcome to join

If you want us to organize a SUP workshop with a group of friends, family or colleques you will find more information here

SUP basics | beginners

When it is going to be your first time on a supboard or if you have little experience this class is where to start! We will learn you all you need to know about the basic technique, material and safety issues. We will take the time to get you going and how to haddle the paddle and keep your balance. We will make a small tour around the lake because you will learn it by doing. You will notice that after a while you will get more relaxed and start to enjoy the scenery.

We advise you – depending on your sport-experience – to take at least 1/3 basic classes, before joining our experienced classes or other tours. You can also participate with the SUP yoga class after attending a basic-class.

Costs: 1-class €20,-  |  3-classes €55,-  | 5-classes €80,- (including material)

Time: sunday 10:30 h & thursday 19:30  h


SUP tour | experienced 

In this more experienced SUPclass we will make a nice tour on the Bergse Plassen or Rotte. Depending on the group, the pace will differ. There will be extra attention for having the right technique and posture. So you will improve your paddling. We will also teach you how to make effective turn manouvres.  Yo can join this SUPtour when you have at least join one of our beginners classed or if you allready have some experience with stand-up paddling.

Good to know that we will be organizing more SUP events during the season on differtent locations.

In juli/august there will be a Wednesday Nigth SUP 010  More info you can find here

Costs: 1-class €20,-  |  3-classes €55,-  | 5-classes €80,- (including material)

Time:  sunday  12:00 h


SUP fit | ervaren

In this SUP fit class you will be challengde to give everything you got. The focus is conditioning and better techniques. Not so  much a tour on a steady pace (like our SUP tour classes) But think intervall training, coretraining and some short games.  If you want to train for some longer tours or competion, you can join this group.  You REALLY need to have soms experience to join this class.

Costs: 1-class €20,-  |  3-classes €55,-  | 5-classes €80,- (including material)

Time: tuesday 19:30 h



SUP material

We will do our best to deliver the best quality in our SUPclasses. That is why we work with only the best material that is out there.  SUP’s UP  has a good long lasting collaboration with the high-end windsurf & sup brand Fanatic. Every season we will use the newest models of SUPboards for our classes. We have mostly inflatable boards, since they are more durable then composite boards. Only for our private classes we give at sea we use hard-boards. At the end of season we also sell our fleet for a good price to our customers. We have different sices/models available, so everyone will be good to go and you can try it out.  If you are thinking about buying a board, send us an email (during season). We will put you on the list and contact you whenever we start selling.


Locaton en timetable Rotterdam

De SUPclasses will always start from our homespot inRotterdam at the Bergse Plassen (unless told otherwise) .
Bergse Plassen
time class level* instructor
thursday 19:30 – 20:45 SUP class mixed Caroline
sunday 10:30 – 11:15 SUP les beginner Caroline
sunday 12:00 – 13:15 SUP tour experienced Caroline



prijs per persoon*  duur
1-class €25,- 75 min
3 classes €60,- 3x 75 min
5 classes €90,- 5x 75 min
SUPyoga class €25,- 90 min
SUPclass with your own material €10,- 75 min
SUP events variabel 2 h

 *pricing is including tax, material, wetsuits (if nessecary)  en instruction. You can use your credits for the SUPclasses only in this season, so keep in mind that it’s limitted to 2020.

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Goed om te weten

  • Inschrijven en vooraf online betalen via het boekingssysteem is nodig om een plekje te reserveren. Annuleren kan tot 24 uur voor aanvang van de les via het boekingssysteem
  • De les gaat door bij 4 personen en het maximum aantal deelnemers is 12.
  • Suppen is weersafhankelijk, check daarom altijd even je  email een dag van te voren, of de les wel doorgaat.
  • Lessen duren ca. 75 minuten en is inclusief materiaal (board en peddel) Als je je eigen board meeneemt, is er een gereduceerd tarief.
  • Doe (sneldrogende) sportkleding aan en neem droge kleding mee voor na de les. Omkleden is mogelijk in de kleedkamer van de vereniging.
  • Draag slippers aan de kant. Suppen doen we op blote voeten.
  • wetsuits zijn beschikbaar maar alleen in het voor en na-seizoen op binnenwater aan te raden. Als je daar gebruik van wilt maken, geef je maat dan aan bij de reservering van de les.
  • waardevolle spullen (telefoons/portemonee/ sleutels) kun je achterlaten in de afgesloten opbergbox van SUP’s UP, tassen en kleding in het opslaghok of kleedkamer.
  • Kinderen vanaf 12 jaar kunnen meedoen onder begeleiding van een volwassene. Kleine kinderen kunnen mee op de plank, alleen als de ouder voldoende ervaring heeft met suppen. Reddingsvestjes zijn beschikbaar.
  • SUP’s UP is een ASI gecertificeerde SUPschool   
  • De leskaarten zijn geldig tot einde van het seizoen (en kunnen niet worden meegenomen naar volgend jaar! Het seizoen loopt van april tot september.
  • Wil je liever een privéles of een groepsclinic op maat op een voor jouw geschikte tijd en locatie? Dat kan ook.

private class SUP

Do you rather want to learn stand-up paddling on your own.  It is possible to take a private class. The focus will be all on you. You will be tought the techniques intensely. We will try to plan a suitebale moment for you.

private class
1 person €75,- pp 1,5 h
2 persons €50,- pp 1,5 h

 *pricing is including tax, material, wetsuits (if nessecary)  en instruction.